Monday, May 4, 2009

Why I hate silly putty

Prior to this weekend, I hadn't allowed Silly Putty in my house for 2.5 years. The last time we had silly putty, Sunny went to sleep with Silly Putty in her bed and woke up with pajamas covered in blue (blue!) Silly Putty. Silly Putty was smooshed into her sheets, her pajamas, and her beautiful quilt that I sewed during our wait for Sergeant's referral. Several days earlier, I had painstakingly removed Silly Putty from our sofa upholstery (I don't remember how - Sergeant was a baby and I was sleep-deprived). So...we've had no Silly Putty in the house until this past weekend, when I caved, and allowed Sunny (who's nine, mind you) to buy some Silly Putty, with her own money. Well...Sunny woke up this morning with big globs of Silly Putty smooshed into her long, thick, blond hair. Apparently, going to sleep with Silly Putty in her bed once wasn't enough. Most of the Silly Putty was in the hair on the nape of her neck, close to her scalp - ouch! For anyone who might someday need the information, a google search revealed olive oil to be the best method of removal. Needless to say, the Silly Putty ban has been reinstated.

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Ms. J said...

GOod advice, and a good warning!

I hate bubbles. I hate being sticky. I hate that Lil Pumpkin can't figure out WHY it's not allowed indoors. I hate that she insists on holding the bottle, then knocks it over (ALWAYS ON ME!) I hate that her hands get covered in goop and then she suddenly wants to CUDDLE or grab my shirt, and there is invariably dirt or mud mixed in with her goop-covered hands!!!!

I also hate that she likes to PEEL the paper wrappers off of crayons, and in doing so gets crayon dug under her nails, and it becomes my fun job to dig it out from her squirming fingers with the nail clippers/cleaner later (joy!)

Sorry, I hijacked your post, LOL!

I kept meaning to comment on your prior entry about the issues raised by someone else's pregnancy (on your youngest) . . . but I got too emotional thinking about the future, and how that will be dealt with by Lil Pumpkin and us. A cousin had a baby recently, and she did pretty well seeing me hold the baby, but I prepped her for it by saying over and over that she (LP) was "MY baby," and things like that. LP seemed most fascinated by the new baby cousin's bouncy chair, LOL. But I know that in the coming years this will be an ongoing discussion point as she begins to take greater notice of how she was born elsewhere.