Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Schools are evil cesspools

My kids have been in school for six weeks...and we're on our second round of pukey flu (not to be confused with H1N1). I've bleached everything I can bleach, but I've reached the conclusion that the only solution is to quit my job, go on welfare, and home school. I'm only half-kidding. Anyone pregnant or with a weak stomach is warned that the following contains much TMI. Our timeline over the past few days looks like this (keep in mind, this is the second go-around in six weeks):

Thursday - Sergeant wakes me up at 12:30 because her tummy hurts and then vomits in the bed. I clean it up, go back to sleep, and it happens again at 3:30 - but this time, I'm prepared.
Friday - Sergeant runs a fever and has the most horrendous gas. Seriously, she stunk up the whole house - who knew such a small body was capable of producing such a stench.
Friday night - Sergeant wakes in the middle of the night to go "poopy." We go back to bed, and ten minutes later, she tells me she's peed in her pull-up. I rip it off her, toss it into the hall, stick another pull-up on her and go back to sleep.
Saturday morning - Sergeant tiptoes out of my bed (we co-sleep) to go watch TV, so I can sleep in. 10 seconds later she's back with poopy on her toe. Turns out she hadn't peed in her pull-up, she pooped in her pull-up and when I carelessly flung it into the hallway in the middle of the night, said poopy splattered throughout the hallway. Thank God for hardwood floors.
Saturday afternoon - Sergeant informs me that she's gone poopy in the toilet, but her poopy "melted." "Melted" poopy continues throughout the day.
Sunday - still some "melty" poopy, but almost back to normal.
Monday - a normal day, no foul excretions
Tuesday evening - Smartie starts vomiting at 7:00 PM and continues every 20 minutes until approximately 3:30 AM.

Poor sweeties. Sunny is almost certainly next....but I sure hope I get a night "off" tonight, cuz, dang, I'm tired.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am clearly terrible at updating my blog, because my last post was about Sergeant's attachment therapist, and she's already graduated from said therapist! Once we identified what the issue was and had a plan to tackle it, things got better fast. There is still no doubt in my mind that insecure attachment was behind the issues. She is no longer having "fits," and has accepted that Mommy is in charge and therefore, she doesn't need to be. Her blog name, Sergeant, doesn't really even suit her anymore...maybe I'll have to come up with something else!

Aside from Sergeant's issues, the transition back-to-school has been pretty rocky. Over the summer, when I wasn't working and Sunny and Smartie were not in school, I thought the whole single mom thing was a cinch. Now that I'm working nearly full-time and we have homework and activities, it is brutal at times. At least a couple times a week, I feel like I'm just not meeting everyone's needs. Sunny is in fourth grade and has much, much, much more homework and studying than she's ever had before. And with her ADHD, she needs someone to sit with her and keep her on-task during homework. The other night, I decided to let her do her math on her own because I was busy with the other girls. She sat at a table in my bedroom where it was quiet and relatively free of distractions. Pretty soon I heard her singing loudly. I went in to check on her and she was sprawled on my bed with her homework. I thought, "Oh well," and let her be. She finally finished the assignment after 40 minutes or so. When she got the assignment back, she had nineteen wrong (out of maybe thirty problems). And she's and A/B math student. Luckily, her teacher made her correct it - in school, thank God.

Smartie doesn't have as much homework, but she has to read aloud to me nearly every night. She's required to read for ten minutes, but she prefers to read for much longer. We're reading a chapter book together and she loves the story and the quiet time with me. There just isn't enough time in the evening to fit it all in. The times that Sergeant has been a real stinker have been the nights that I've been busy helping with homework from after dinner until bedtime. She finds a way to get some negative attention when that happens!

Anyway, we're starting to get into the swing of things and figure it all out...but single parenthood is just as difficult as it's been made out to be.