Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Better?, okay.

Well, last night Sergeant finally settled down and went to sleep sometime after 10:22. Then she called out for me six (six!!) times during the night. Each time, I sent to her room, covered her up, and went back to bed. She really doesn't need anything, she just wants to know I'm there. But the good news is, I stayed calm, patient, and loving for the most part. I figured I don't have any control over the situation, but I can control how I react. We had one incredibly sweet moment...Sergeant called me for about the third time of the night (I can't even remember what she wanted that time), I went into her room and she was snuggled into her bed with her niney (comfort blanket) and her thumb in her mouth. I praised her for snuggling into bed and trying to go to sleep, stroked her head, and gave her a kiss. She looked up at me with her little thumb still firmly in her mouth and said, "Happy!" I melted and decided I would sit by her bed and stroke her head for a few minutes. Well that totally backfired and got her all wound up again - crap! I've been reading "The No-Cry Sleep Solution for Toddler and Preschoolers" and am going to come up with a "sleep plan" over the next couple of days. I'll let ya know what I come up with.

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